About The Morton Center

At The Morton Center, we recognize that alcoholism and other addictions affect the entire family. We always have.Since 1984, The Morton Center has provided outpatient treatment to nearly 35,000 people of all ages and incomes throughout Kentucky and beyond… including family members. We’re the region’s only privately funded, non-profit facility treating chemical dependency and other addictions.

A recent study showed that people being treated for substance abuse who have two or more instances of family involvement during their course of care have three times the completion rate of those who have no family involvement.

Our family focus is a proven approach that sets us apart. There’s growing statistical evidence that treating the impact of addiction on the family enhances success rates for both the addicted person and their family members.

More than treatment

Something else sets us apart. We believe that addiction can’t be separated from the person. So, we treat the whole person, not just their addiction.

We’re a counseling center, where our professional staff treats a person’s social, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. The Morton Center uses the 12 Steps of recovery… in conjunction with treating the whole person – including family members.

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