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More than 23 million Americans have a drug or alcohol abuse problem, but only 10 percent will get the treatment they need. Your tax-deductible donation will help us provide services to individuals that otherwise could not afford treatment, and provide support to their loved ones.

Elaine’s Story


It might surprise you to learn that Elaine never drank in high school. She wasn’t one for parties. Didn’t care for drinking.

But here, I’ll let her tell you:

 “…when I started drinking wine, just a glass every night, back when I turned …around 30 years old, I went from one glass of wine a night to a liter of vodka in three years.

That’s how fast I started drinking. I had a very high powered job. A lot of stress.”

She knew she was an alcoholic, and while she hated her alcohol, she also loved it and wasn’t quite ready to give it up, she didn’t think she was ready for The Morton Center.

It was New Year’s Eve when she learned differently. She was in group therapy at the Center when she looked up to see a beautiful woman walking in wearing a black suit and carrying a Prada bag. Elaine thought the woman was the psychiatrist until she sat down on an adjoining chair.

A chair Elaine definitely didn’t want to be in. She was already thinking about how she could drink when she got home. Without being found out.

 Then it happened…

 “…long story short, she starts talking about how many days sober she is and that hit me like a ton of bricks. And I think we can use first names, so I’m going to say her first name was my first name too, which was really … like it really hit me. This woman that I really thought was a business professional … and she was. But was also there for addiction. And that hit me like, oh crap, I am supposed to be here. This chair is for me, and I might need to listen.”

At The Morton Center, a chair provides a seat for a person with substance use disorder who is ready to take the courageous step of seeking help. A chair also provides a space for a loved one who needs support and understanding of the disease.

Please take a moment, right now, and make a donation to The Morton Center.

When you give, lives in our community are changed. Hope is restored. Families on the verge of destruction come together again.

*At The Morton Center, we respect everyone who turns to us for help. So, while the stories you read are real and true, we do change client names and use stock photography. This protects the privacy of our clients, giving them the best possible start and a chance of a better future. Thank you for understanding.

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Your donation today will help us provide scholarships for adults, teens, and even children who desperately need our help, but who don’t have the resources to pay for treatment. These treatment sessions can make all the difference in the world to a struggling family, an addicted teen, or a parent who has tried to beat his illness alone, and failed. For a person struggling with a serious addiction, your tax-deductible donation can make the difference between life and death.