Podcast: Curious Conversations

Welcome to Curious Conversations with Amy Travis, Counselor at The Morton Center, and Lynette Green, Digital Marketing Manager and Brown-Forman Spirit Member. Curious Conversations is sponsored by the Morton Center and Spirit; an employee resource group at Brown-Forman with a mission to create an environment where all employees and guests feel welcome regardless of whether or not they drink. These conversations are meant to encourage people to learn about substance use disorder, and how it effects relationships all around us. The content for these curious conversations is born out of The Morton Center’s Concerned Persons Program offered every Tuesday night at The Morton Center and tailored here to themed topics. 

Curious Conversations: Episode 1

The Disease Concept of Substance Use Disorder

Part 1 – Addiction as a Term & Brain Chemistry
Part 2 – Choice vs. Control
Part 3 – Progressive Nature of the Disease and Hope in Recovery – The Jellnick Curve
Part 4 – Enabling vs. Helping, Consequences and The Stages of Change
Part 5 – Does this make sense? Questions unanswered? Not a sacred topic: continue to be curious and have conversations

Curious Conversations: Episode 2


Part 1 – Recovery is an Ongoing Experience
Part 2 – Change is a Learning Process
Part 3 – Motivation to Change
Part 4 – Triggers
Part 5 – Chaos, Self-Care, Boundaries, Consequences, and Hope

If this conversation sparked additional questions, and you are curious about exploring, or if you simply want to engage in a small group discussion to learn more, The Morton Center hosts a free, walk-in Concerned Persons Program every Tuesday at 5:30pm. One on one sessions can be scheduled individually, or The Morton Center can work with you to bring this topic of Curious Conversations to your organization by calling Priscilla McIntosh at 502-459-7086. 

If you know anyone who wants to explore their own relationship with substance and wants to learn more, The Morton Center has extensive outpatient services for adults, children, adolescents, and families; with walk-in assessments available Monday through Friday starting at 8:00am, or by scheduling an appointment by calling The Morton Center at 502-456-1056.

The mission of The Morton Center is to help break the cycle of substance use disorder. The Morton Center is celebrating 35 years this year, and provides services in an outpatient setting for those struggling with substance use, and also providing services for the family, including children’s programming starting at age six. 

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