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More than 23 million Americans have a drug or alcohol abuse problem, but only 10 percent will get the treatment they need. Your tax-deductible donation will help us provide services to individuals that otherwise could not afford treatment, and provide support to their loved ones.


At The Morton Center, we know that addicts aren’t any weaker than others, or especially flawed. But they do have a devastating and poorly-understood illness.

For its 35-year history, The Morton Center has been a place where people with the disease of addiction, and their families, can come to heal and rebuild their lives.

And our services have never been more needed. Alcohol, prescription pills, and the resurgence of killer drugs like heroin are taking a terrible toll. Research indicates that addiction costs the state of Kentucky billions of dollars annually. Even if the addict doesn’t lose their life outright, their addiction often costs valuable business relationships, productivity – and eventually, their job.

Addiction also ravages the addict’s family. A spouse or parent dies. A breadwinner is gone. Children are left to take care of younger siblings, requiring them to grow up too fast. All too often, they repeat the cycle of addiction.

How can we reverse this destructive spiral in our state?

At The Morton Center, we have learned that addiction treatments are more successful when the whole family receives counseling, as opposed to the addicted person alone. We offer outpatient treatment for addicted persons, and support groups and educational seminars for their spouses, parents or children.

We offer these services regardless of the family’s ability to pay.

This is necessary because unfortunately,  we’ve seen insurance deductibles as high as $10,000. Imagine the panic an addicted person feels when they see that they can’t afford the treatment they need to survive.

We can help. We can tell the people who come to us that they don’t have to shoulder the whole burden alone.

But only with the help of friends like you.

Please take a moment, right now, and make a donation to The Morton Center.

When you give, lives in our community are changed. Hope is restored. Families on the verge of destruction come together again.

People who thought they were going to die – live.

Other Ways to Give

You can also give to The Morton Center by donating your Kroger card points and rewards through the Kroger Community Rewards Program, by donating monthly directly to The Morton Center, or through Amazon Smile where Amazon will donate .5% to The Morton Center on your behalf anytime you make a purchase – at no cost to you.

Learn how these programs work:

Please Give Generously

Your donation today will help us provide scholarships for adults, teens, and even children who desperately need our help, but who don’t have the resources to pay for treatment. These treatment sessions can make all the difference in the world to a struggling family, an addicted teen, or a parent who has tried to beat his illness alone, and failed. For a person struggling with a serious addiction, your tax-deductible donation can make the difference between life and death.