Lauren Never Thought She’d Live Her Dream

Living Her Dream!!!
When Lauren first came to the Morton Center, she was “scared, nervous, and afraid of the unknown.”    Although she’d always dreamed of
becoming a ranger in a National Park, her addiction left her believing
that she never could.
Lauren came to the Morton Center ready to do the work. She says she
immediately felt comforted by everyone on staff, from the front desk
personnel to the counselors, and that coming to therapy each night
quickly became the highlight of her day.
When asked one night what she would do with her life if she had the
chance and she shared her dream, her counselor responded,
“Well then, just do it!” Thanks to the education and support she’d received, Lauren did just that, going online a few days later and applying for
positions at several National Parks.
Today, Lauren is living a sober life as a food and beverage manager at
Yellowstone National Park. While the decision to leave her job, friends,
and family was difficult, it was one she knew she had to make for her
future and her sobriety. She is currently living in a rustic cabin, enjoying the serenity and calmness of nature in ways she never could have imagined. She and some of her new sober friends have even started a meeting at the Old Faithful Inn.
It’s thanks to supporters of the Morton Center like you that Lauren
received the help she needed to overcome the addiction that was holding her back from the life she desired. “I wholeheartedly believe that all of you played a role in educating me to be the person I was always capable of becoming,” she says. “You may not hear it often, but you change lives each and every day.”
Your donation of any amount will help provide treatment for substance
use disorder there are many Lauren’s who are still in need of the help and expertise of our programs!
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Priscilla McIntosh, CEO
The Morton Center

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