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Our services are based on the concept that substance use disorders affect not only the individual, but also their family and support system. Our outpatient services follow this ideal.

The Morton Center Services

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Our comprehensive outpatient services fall into the following categories: adult, adolescent, child, family and community.

Our services begin with an initial evaluation to determine the complexity of the substance use involvement and to recommend an appropriate service. This may include group, individual, couples or family sessions.

Please call The Morton Center Resource Center at (888) 421-4321 to schedule an appointment.

Adult Services

Adult Services

Our Adult services range from education, intensive outpatient, recovery groups, individual, couples, & family.

Children's Services

Children's Services

Our children’s services are designed for children who have been affected by a family member’s substance abuse.

Adolescent Services

Adolescent Services

Our Adolescent services range from education/prevention, intensive outpatient, recovery groups and individual.

Family Services

Family Services

Our family services are designed for persons who have been affected by another person’s substance abuse.

Insurance Accepted

If your insurance is not listed below, we may be able to obtain approval for your care. Please call our Resource Center at 502-456-1025 or (888) 421-4321.

Insurances Accepeted

The Morton Center is changing lives, everyday. Below are some of the success stories of our patients. Contact us to share your story.

“The Morton Center gave me the foundation and the tools to continue my recovery. My experience in therapy put a different perspective on my choices of the past. I continue to use the 12 step program every day and have a better self-image than I had 16 years ago.” -Marcia B.

“At The Morton Center, I learned I am not alone in my disease, and there is a solution. They gave me hope. I use my “tool box full of the tools” they taught me to help deal with my alcoholism, and I am now living a life full of serenity and peace.” Sally V.

“It really is no overstatement in saying that The Morton Center gave me my life back. Through its intensive education and one-on-one counselors, my family and I were able to understand and cope with my disease. I continue to attend regular meetings and Alumni Night at The Morton Center to give back to the place that gave me back my identity—and my family.” Luke K.

“The Morton Center has brought an immense light to my life. Not for anything it has done for me,but the amazing impact it has had on the most important person in my life. To know there is that kind of help and support out there gives me a tremendous peace of mind.” Christopher G.