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Substance Abuse is a Toxic Thief

Robs Your Focus

Takes Your Money

Swindles Your Time

Vandalizes Your Health

Poaches Your Relationships

Start your Substance Abuse Rehab
& Reclaim Your Life Today

Restore Your Focus

It’s time to dream about a clear future again.

With help from our counselors you can restore you focus.

Recover Stolen Funds

In America, substance abuse stole over $600,000,000,000!

Recovery programs are proven to reduce that cost significantly.

Protect Your Time

You have 86,400 seconds today and get none back.

Spend each second with who you want, where you enjoy being, doing what you love!

Rehab Your Health

Substance abuse can shorten, end, or make your life a miserable struggle.

Rehab your body and your mind. Reject what’s toxic!

Keep Your Relationships

The single most painful loss is relationships with family & friends.

Walk away from the toxic relationship with substance abuse!

Our staff is trained to companion you out of your toxic relationship and into the unique life you were meant to live.

Call 502-451-1221 or email  tmcinfo@themortoncenter.org  and our addiction counseling team will determine the most effective treatment program for you.