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Outpatient Program

Do you or someone you love have a substance abuse problem? We can help you get back to living a normal life! We understand your journey has been difficult and it may seem impossible to get back to normal but you can.


Substance Abuse Treatment

You are a unique person with unique circumstances. Our goal is to understand your history and triggers so we can customize a treatment plan.

Substance Abuse Evaluation

You will receive an initial evaluation to determine the complexity of your substance use involvement. We then provide a professional recommendation for the appropriate service and treatment plan.

Adult & Adolescent Substance Abuse Services

Our services are based on the concept that substance use disorders affect not only the individual, but also their family and support system. We provide everything from partial hospitalization treatment (PHT) to intensive outpatient treatment.

In additional to specific services for adults & adolescents, we provide child, family and community services.